meGettysburg is the most comprehensive Gettysburg photography website on the Internet and was original developed to help promote my novel Courage on Little Round Top.   Over the years it had taken on a life of its own providing a unique views of the entire battlefield.  It also gives the viewer the opportunity to track the changes as the National Park Service works to restore the battlefield to its 1863 appearance.

This photo was taken at one of my favorite spots on the battlefield the center of the 20th Maine’s line on Vincent’s Spur on the east side of Little Round Top.  The Monuments to the 20th Maine were dedicated on Oct 3, 1889.  There are three on Vincent’s Spur:  right flank marker; regiment monument (in the photo), and the left flank marker.  There is also a monument to the regiment on the summit of Big Round Top, which they were part of the assault late in the evening on the July 2nd.

My novel traces the events that brought the 20th Maine and the 15th Alabama to the bloody slopes of Little Round Top and the capture of Robert Wicker at the point of Chamberlian’s sword.


Tom Eishen