from Longstreet Tower

the Peach Orchard from Longstreet Tower

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Gettysburg: The Second Day Battlefield

Throughout the day, confederate and Union artillery traded fire between Seminary Ridge and Cemetery Hill as well against other confederate batteries. Late in the afternoon, James Longstreet’s Hood’s Division started the confederate attack on the Union left.  Next came McLaw’s Brigade then Anderson’s Division of Hills Corps.

first day battle started west of town with the advance of Archer’s and Davis’ Brigades of Heth’s Division of the Confederate Army.  Their advance was slowed down by John Buford’s Cavalry then John Reynolds First Corps of the Union Army.  The morning battle was an overwhelming Union victory.   The attack of Pender’s Division got hung up in the town and was over before it got started.  Very late Ewell’s Corps attacked East Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill.  While the confederates were able to take the high ground on the Emmitsburg Road, Devil’s Den, and some breastworks on Culps Hill, the Union line remained unbroken.