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“The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” A. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

On July 1st 1863 two great armies met at the town of Gettysburg,  PA.  The fight west and north of town was a southern victory.  The Union army retreated to the heights south of town.  Robert E Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia failed to press their advantage.  They woke up the next morning to find the Yankees in a strong defensive position east and south of town.  For two days, Robert E. Lee directed his army to attack the Union line without success.  Their efforts ended in the famous charge of Pickett’s and Pender’s Divisions with the loss of 75% of the attacks killed, wounded, or captured.

After the war, veterans from both sides returned to Gettysburg walk the battlefield and remember what they had done there.  Monuments were erected and roads, rail and trolley lines were built across the battlefield.  Businesses and homes were also built on the field.  Through efforts of the National Park ServiceCivil War Trust,  Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association, Gettysburg Foundation, and many others  much of the land has been reclaimed.

Gettysburg Photographs.com brings you the modern battlefield in amazing detail  and color.


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Gettysburg Photographs.com is going through a major redesigned including updated photo galleries.  The new galleries will have improved color quality as well as new pictures from August 2015.  Please check back often to see our progress.


Gettysburg National Military Park Restoration.

The National Park Service is in the middle of a project to restore  the battlefield to its 1863 appearance.  The goals of the project are to restore historic integrity; enhancing visitor opportunities and understanding; and creating a sustainable historic environment by improving wetlands, water quality and wildlife habitat.

tree clearing

This view along Confederate Avenue shows how the tree cutting has opened up the view of East Cemetery Hill in the distance.  This helps to restore the view the Army of Northern Virginia had on this part of the battlefield.  You can see results of tree cutting near Devils Den in my Little Round Top Gallery.  The Peach Orchard has more than doubled in size with trees planted south and north of the park road.

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Gettysburg Auto Tour Map

The park service has a detailed tour map of the entire area available on-line for download.  My auto tour page shows all the auto tour stops.  You can also find galleries that match places labeled on the map like Devil’s Den, Buford Avenue, and Rose Farm.