Pennsylvania Memorial

For the third day, George Meade put Second Corps on Cemetery Ridge.  Also the Third Division of the First Corps supported them.  At the same time artillery reinforced the entire line.  Pickett’s Charge focused on Cemetery Ridge.  The men of the Second Corps bent under the force of the attack.  But they didn’t break.  Pickett’s defeat is called the High Tide of the Confederacy.   Not surprisingly, Cemetery Ridge is a focus point of the battlefield.  Also not surprising, Cemetery Ridge is the location of the Pennsylvania Memorial.    



Pennsylvania State Memorial

With the battle happening in Pennsylvania, they got their choice of monument locations.  As stated the state picked the focal point of the Union victory.   The Pennsylvania Memorial was completed in 1914.  It is made of North Carolina granite. Unquestionably it’s the largest structure on the battlefield.   Unlike any other memorial, it contains eight full size statues.  By and large the statues focus on Pennsylvania generals along with President Lincoln and Governor Andrew Curtin.   Also, amazingly, the monument lists the names of all 34,530 men from Pennsylvania who fought during the Battle of Gettysburg.  

Being that it is in the center of Cemetery Ridge, the memorial’s roof viewing areas provides a great view of the Union line on the ridge.  I use the roof to take panoramic photos of Cemetery Ridge.  The view is second only to the view on Little Round Top.  The stairway to the top is winding and narrow, but well worth the effort. 


Gettysburg Auto Tour

Auto Tour stop 12 is the the Pennsylvania Memorial.  

Pennsylvania Memorial

Gettysburg Photographs is organization is based on the auto tour map.   For that reason, there is a gallery for each tour stop, not to mention most of the other map features.  The list below provides links to galleries related to the Pennsylvania Memorial Gallery.  


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