Picketts Charge

The charge across a mile and a half of open ground consisted of Picketts Division from Longsteet’s Corps on the right and Pender’s Division and Heth’s Divisions on the left.   Henry Heth was wounded during the first day’s fight, so commend of his division was turned over to Johnson Pettigrew.  Archer and Davis  brigades had suffered major causalities during the first day’s morning attack, including the capture of James Archer and were severely weakened.  Isaac Trimble took over the command of Pender’s Division from Dorsey Pender, who was critically wounded on the second day.  For George Picketts Division, the charge would be the first action they had seen at Gettysburg.

The gallery starts on the confederate left near the Bliss Farm.  The fields of the northern part of the attack were lost forever when the War Department sold Camp Colt to developers and now contains residential and commercial development.

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