Sherfy Farm

The home was built in the 1840s and was owned by Joseph and Mary Sherfy.  They and there six children watched the Union First Corp march past on their way to the west side of town on the morning of July 1st.  Members of the Church of Brethren, the pacifist Mr Sherfy put out a large tub of water by the road and worked to keep it filled while Mary and her mother baked bread all day and handed it out to the troops.  On the morning of July 2nd, they and their six children were ordered away from their farm.

The farm including their Peach Orchard, south of the house and the other side of the Emmitsburg Road, became a focal point of the second day’s fighting.  On the sixth, they returned to find the home ransacked and their barn burned to the ground with dead chard bodies still inside.  It had been used as a field hospital by the confederates and when it caught fire they were unable to get everyone out.  There were also 48 dead horses on the farm.  They repaired and rebuilt and after the war happily sold peach’s from their now famous orchard to returning veterans.

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